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Ear Candling:

​An ancient practice said to have been used by Mayans and Egyptians.

​Ear Candling entail withdrawing wax and impurities from the ear by burning a hollowed candle placed in the opening of the ear canal.

​The benefits of ear candling have not been proved. However, many report the following: relief of sinus pressure or pain in the ears; eased congestion; a feeling of balance, both physical and emotional; an improved sense of hearing, smell and taste. Some even say they can think more clearly after an ear candling. May also lead to reduced stress levels, less pain and tension in the jaw and fewer headaches.

​Candling takes about a half hour of your time, you are in a relaxed atmosphere with relaxing music.

​A-La-Cart $35

​Added to a massage session $30

What is Candling