hair salon


                                                                                                                     Highlite                                                                                 $ 75.00 and up ​co​​

Color refresh (roots to ends) 

Partial Foil and cut                                                                  $85.00 and up

Double Process Color                                                              $ 75.00

Color refresh (roots and ends)                         $ 70.00 and up 

Full Foil (16 or more foils)                                                       $ 100.00 and up 

HighLite and Haircut                                                               $ 80.00 and up

Dimentional Color on top of another color                                $ 20

Double Process Color and Haircut                                            $ 95.00

Full Foil and Haircut                                                                $ 120.00 and up 

Color roots only and Hair Cut                                                    $ 80.00 and up 

Color  roots only                                                                    $ 60.00 and up 

Partial Foil just the part and frace framing                                 $ 65.00 and up

TOmbre and Balayage are similar techniques in that they involve painting a lightener or color onto the hair without using foil. Foils give you a very precise contrast between the sections. Ombre and balayage are a more blended free form application. 

 With an Ombre the hair gradually changes color from root to end. With balayage a more sunkissed look is achieved by hand painting and blending. 

If you are considering either of these looks, make sure you ask for them when booking. These techniques take longer then the average foil and we want to make sure to have the right amount of time with you. 

Color Remover                                                                        $ 60 and up